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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

... Not to be confused with a mixed review. Just wanted to make that clear. Because this place was uh-mazing!!!

On Friday, as I waited for the bird to get off work (before catching our flight), I had a scrumptious lunch. I went to Mixt Greens in SF. I was so stoked I stumbled across this place. Here is their menu. And that is just for their salads, they also have sandies that looked amazing. But this girl was in need of and craving some greens. And that is just what I got.

This is what I saw when I walked in this place.
If I wouldn't have checked out their website before walking over, I would have been a bit discouraged. So glad I knew better.

I did a "design your own" salad.
Behind the 'tossers' is a huge wall of lettuce buckets. And in front of them, a long line of ingredients & mixins. (You can visit their site to see much better pictures.)
Here was my order: 1/2 mixed greens, 1/2 spinach. My mixins included: black beans, edamame, quinoa, chickpeas, walnuts & marinated tofu. Swoon! I was in absolute heaven.  I topped it with fat free balsamic and a side of unsweetened peach green tea.
Amazingly fresh ingredients, so many options, and generous portions!

There are multiple locations in Los Angeles & San Francisco. I highly recommend this place if you are in the area.

And just so we're clear: This blog receives no payment or other compensation for advertising. And I did not receive payment or other compensation for this review.


  1. Yum! What a smart (and healthy) idea for a restaurant!

    My two favorite salad toppings which make no sense at all-- craisins and pepperonis. Yes, together. I know, weird.

  2. mmmm, looks so tasty! i definitely want to try :)

  3. I LOVE salad this looks delicious and like my new favorite! Wish it was where I live...

  4. oooh looks yummy and very refreshing. I love those moderny places =)

    - Sarah

  5. That looks amazing! I wish they had locations in Southern California! Though I popped on over to the website and saw they have on in LA! So next time I'm up there I will definitely be visiting. Thanks for the great suggestion!
    Star Hughes Living

  6. What a cool concept! Pretty genius! Mmmm I love marinated tofu...good choices!

  7. LOvely concept! Wish we have one outlet here :)

  8. That looks delicious although I had to laugh a little because my British friend taught me tosser can be a bit of a dirty word in the UK :)

  9. Man, I hope these come to the Midwest!!! What a fabulous concept~

  10. yum! i wish they were in chicago - we dont have a great place to just get salads!

  11. I know! It's such a genius idea. Make your own salads! They have plenty of sandwich bars out there. I wish I had thought of it! I hope the chain grows too.

  12. Mixt Greens is soooo delicious - I tend to have lunch there when I'm working in downtown SF! my favorite is the "cowboy" salad. glad you liked it!

  13. @jaclyn: Im so excited you've been there! SO good. I don't remember the cowboy one, I did a 'build-your-own.' But I will be sure to go back and try one of their concoctions soon.


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