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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bows are always festive for any occasion... but there is something special about them around Christmas time!

Here are some last minute gift ideas or just some sweet eye candy for Monday morning!

1234567 8910

Happy Monday! Xo


  1. I would very much like one of each of these please :) So cute bows are just the best!!

  2. That Tiffany's ring has been on my radar for weeks!

  3. OMG those boots in the top left corner??? LOVE.

  4. I love that sweater with the bow in back!

  5. Every girl needs a bow! Love the green bag. xo

  6. Great minds think alike! I have the #6 sweater and the headband #9 in black {wearing it right now}. Need that adorable belt!

  7. oooh so pretty!! i love the bows and the variety of uses for bows so cute

  8. i love this inspiration as a gift guide.

  9. those wellies are absolutely adorable!

  10. Love all of these! I have a soft spot for bows!
    xx Lexi
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