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Thursday, April 12, 2012

If you follow me on Pinterest... you might have seen me Pin this lovely number last night.

After seeing how lovely this jacket was and moving it to the top of my wishlist... I clicked. And was directed to Mango. I had completely forgotten about this place. And in my perusal, I found a few others to swoon over.
Pleated dress (79.99)
Flared skirt dress (59.99)
Lady cocktail dress (39.99)

Lovely colors.
Amazing prices.
Happy Thursday!


  1. those dresses shall be MINEEEE! esp. the aqua-minty one. gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful colors! In love with the last dress!

  3. I love Mango! My favorite purse ever is by them. That coat is gorgeous!

  4. i love those belted dresses, seriously i need to get myself some of them. target has some good ones, old navy has some good ones. definitely loving the belted dress look

  5. Um I LOVE that coat...and the way our weather has been here in Tahoe, I could totally still wear it!

  6. even though the weather has changes i love that coat! Hope you had a nice weekend!

  7. That cocktail dress is just adorable :)


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