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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I wanted to kick off 2016 with fitness post of my current favorite workout: Core Power Yoga.
sports bra // yoga mat // mat towel (other colors on sale here) // water bottle // headband (one + two)

Here is a quick overview and guide to the basics of Core Power Yoga:

What to Expect
I find Core Power to be a mix of yoga poses, cardio and (light) weight toning. It is generally warm in the class (low 90s) and it's a flow type yoga.
It's also more 'high energy' than other yoga classes, in fitness, music and atmosphere. Expect to sweat more than you ever have before.

Start Slow
Every class you attend will be warm and you will leave fatigued and sweaty.
Same for Sculpt, start light. 3 & 5 lb weights might not seem like much, but they feel like 100 lbs by the end of class.

What to Bring
I always bring my mat, mat towel and a sweat towel to class. I also bring a water bottle and change of clothes for afterwards.

Why I love it
Of all the different workouts I’ve tried, Core Power is my favorite. I love the how challenging it is, the mix of strength and flexibility training and cleanse you feel from the heat and poses.

Getting back into a routine after moving is always tough. But I was so excited to find out there was a Core Power Yoga in downtown Austin when we moved here!

What is your go-to fitness routine? I would love to know and try some of your favorites so I can start mixing it up a bit.


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